If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.


100% unsecured - 680+ FICO Score (CPN's Welcome) -NO Collateral -->Valid I.D. -->Active checking account .. A Strong FICO Score will get you approved for $150K +

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With each SCN/CPN you get instructions on how to get the following: Capital One credit card with a $300-$500 limit - Crown Jewelers with a $2500 limit - Kohls with a $300-$1000 limit - Discover IT card with a $750-$1250 limit.

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We are a financial consulting company so we have direct relationships with our financial clients. Therefore, we have the BEST TRADELINES with various ages. We will beat the competition because we are more committed to improving our clients credit history.

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Credit Errors - Collections - Tax Liens - Foreclosures - Bankruptcies - Garnishments - Repossessions - Charge Offs - Late Payments - Debt Collections - Judgments

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When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge.

Unfortunately, I see countless credit files from all walks of people and 90% of the time, when a person's credit score is low, it is usually indicative that their financial situation is also a 'MESS'. But it gets worse. The BIGGER PROBLEM is 'HOW CAN A PERSON BUILD ANY FINANCIAL SUCCESS IF THEIR CREDIT IS BAD? We can help.

We accomplish that by utilizing a combination of 'CREDIT REPAIR & AGED TRADELINES' to your credit.

Regardless of what is on your present credit reports and regardless of how low your scores are, WE CAN INCREASE YOUR CREDIT SCORE TO OVER 720 in 30 days. Guaranteed! We are a financial consulting firm that only specializes in 'wealth & credit planning'.